"What I enjoyed most was watching the students interact with one another during their collaboration on investigations and experiments. They were very animated and excited as they explained their findings. Imagine learning being fun—what a novel idea!" –

Dawn Alligood, Director of Middle School Science Instruction, Johnston County Schools

"In 7th grade, for example, [the students] spend a lot of time dealing with the human body, but they focus very heavily on the function of the red blood cells and the white blood cells and the plasma kind of gets overlooked.
So [the students are] coming into [the 'Discover the Plasma' program] with the understanding that ‘We know that [plasma exists],' but [they do not know] its functions and what it can do for people who are deficient in certain proteins and what Grifols is able to do with those proteins from their donors—they're now getting that, which is really kind of blowing their minds a little bit—this clear stuff in their blood is saving lives." –

Evan Dempster, Teacher


"I really didn't know plasma was something that came out of a human's body—I thought it was something that was synthetic, man-made. If [the program had] just textbooks, it would be a little hard because of the [terminology], but the hands-on stuff, the comic books, and working together—it's easy." –

8th Grade Student, Clayton Middle School

"The comic strips make you interested in [the program] and you want to keep reading." –

8th Grade Student, Clayton Middle School

"I like how they have the definitions of the words so you can understand how [plasma] works." –

8th Grade Student, Clayton Middle School


"It has been a delight for me to participate in the 'Discover the Plasma' program that Grifols has recently developed. I have had an opportunity to interact with many of the 8th grade students in Johnston County, share information about what we do at Grifols in Clayton, and answer questions that came to their minds as they studied through the ‘Discover the Plasma' curriculum. Not all of the kids are always fully engaged at the beginning of our Q&A sessions, but it is exciting to see the interest grow as discussion gets going, and they begin to open up and ask one question after another.

Sometimes the time is just too short, but even so, they have been presented with some new things to consider and understand. They now have a much better understanding of what Grifols does to help the local community, and perhaps more importantly, how the company supplies people throughout the world with life-saving products. Many thanks to Grifols for allowing me to share time with these young people and hopefully touch their lives in a positive way." –

Steve Temple, Senior Manufacturing Supervisor, Grifols

"I'm amazed how excited the students and teachers were with the program.
The students are seeing real-world applications to the concepts they're learning."

Amy Durham, Quality Director of Compliance and Training, Grifols

"I'm dealing with a 14-year-old son who seems to be interested in nothing but sports and social media. I was both surprised and impressed by the level of detail that my son could tell me about Grifols and plasma products. He was excited to share what he had learned during the program.  I was overwhelmed with what he was able to comprehend and retain from it and excited that he continued to ask me questions about the company and how my job is important to the business.  Kudos to the company for providing a program of such value to our youth."

Amy Benson, Assistant Director in Regulatory Affairs, Grifols